Short-Beaked Echidna


 Kingdom  Phylum  Class  Order  Family  Genus
 animalia  chordata  mammalia  monotremata  tachyglossidae  tachyglossus

Species: (various types)

 Short-Beaked  aculeatus

The spines of this species, also called the spiny anteater, are longer than the fur between them. Active both day and night, this echidna is solitary and can become torpid in very hot or cold weather, when the temperature falls from the normal 88-92 deg F (31-33 deg C) to as low as 39 deg F (4 deg C). It eats a variety of ants, termites, grubs, and worms. These are detected by smell and perhaps by sensors on the long snout that detect electric signals. The small head joins the shoulders with no external neck.

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