Short-Beaked Echidna

Classification:  Kingdom  Phylum  Class  Order  Family  Genus  animalia  chordata  mammalia  monotremata  tachyglossidae  tachyglossus Species: (various types)  Short-Beaked  aculeatus The spines of this species, also called the spiny anteater, are longer than the fur between them. Active both day and night, this echidna is solitary and can become torpid in very hot or cold weather, when […]


Classification:  Kingdom  Phylum  Class  Order  Family  Genus  animalia  chordata  mammalia  artiodactyla  giraffidae  giraffa Species: (various types)  Reticulated, Rothschild, Rhodesian  camelopardalis The Giraffe The giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) is an African even-toed ungulate mammal, the tallest living terrestrial animal and the largest ruminant. Its species name refers to its camel-like shape and its leopard-like coloring. Its chief […]


Classification:  Kingdom  Phylum  Class  Order  Family  Genus  animalia  chordata  mammalia  rodentia  erethizontidae  erethizon Species: (various types)  North American  dorsatum  Olde World  africaeaustralis  Crested  cristata The Porcupine The North American porcupine (Erethizon dorsatum), also known as the Canadian porcupine or common porcupine, is a large rodent in the New World porcupine family. The beaver is the […]